The Tibetan Breed Club of Belgium n.p.o. (T.R.C.)

Affiliated with K.K.U.S.H  N°637 

Organizes its traditional 40-th traditional clubshow - breed special




23 / 09 / 2018


Mrs. Stephanie Walsh (Ireland)

* Lhasa Apso * Shih Tzu * Tibetan Spaniel * Tibetan Terrier *


Mr.  Marc  Degeeter  (Belgium)

* Do Khyi *


With “Attest for breeding LOSH-Fok”

at 10 am 

Place of  activity:

On the terrain of  KV  “HELLEWEL” 




Date of Closing on 10  September  2018

!! Vaccination is mandatory !!  

                    Bank account number:    IBAN:   BE42  8904 9410 0954    BIC: VDSPBE91

                                                    Thank you. Committee  T.R.C.

Entry fee

                                                                                   Members of TRC           No members of TRC

                               1st   Dog in the adult class                     35 €                                        40 €

                               2nd Dog in the adult class                      32 €                                        37 €

                               3rd  Dog in the adult class                     28 €                                        33 €

                                       Junior  (9- 18 m)                             30 €                                        35 €

                                       Baby / Puppy / Veterans                20 €                                        25 €

                                       and all other dogs                           20 €                                         25 €

With more registered dogs, the baby, puppy, youth or veteran cannot be considered as the first dog !

Overview of classes

Minor Puppy Class: (from 3 months to 6 months) this class go not for the CAC
Puppies class:    (from 6 to 9 months) this class go not for CAC
Youth class:    (from 9 to 18 months) This class go not for CAC, but is eligible for  BOB and BOS
Intermediate class:  (from 15 months to 24 months) This class go for the CAC.
Open class:  (from 15 months) This class go for CAC.
Breeders class: only for club shows ( at least 15 months), for dogs that are bred by exhibitors or exhibited by him on this title. This class go for the CAC.
Champion class:  ( minimum 15 months) for dogs having obtained a FCI Intern. Beauty Champion title or nation. beauty championship. A copy of the certificate must be send with registration. If is not attached, the dog will be automatically registered in open class. This class is relevant for the CAC.
Veteran class:   ( over 8 years old) This class is not relevant for the CAC, but is relevant for BOB and BOS.
Couples:  for two dogs of the same variety, but of different sex, which are owned by the exibitor or raised by the same producer.
Groups:    for at least three dogs of the same variety, with no difference in sex, belond to the same exibito
To compete in the "Couples" or "Groups" class, dogs must also be registered in the individual competition class.
Breeding class:
for breeding dogs (male or female), regardless of age and condition (is not necesary be registered in individual classes) accompanied by at least three offspring, registered in individual classes. The judging takes into account only the quality of descendants.

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       Principal member (25 euro / 2018) 

                                                 Family member (14 euro / 2018)

 All data marked with a star* are obligated!
                                                      The entry form must be used for to inscribe each dog  separately!

We only accept registrations if you pay the full amount and the catalog number is confirmed when your payment is received on the account of TRC. Are no additional cost above the prices listed on the TRC website. 
The exhibitor will receive a confirmation of registration and the catalog number by e-mail, which means that 
no additional cost will be charged.

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